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3 Mayıs 2013 Cuma



Sarajevo and Borac had a 1-1 draw in Banja Luka, which made it clear that the maroon whites are no more in the struggle for the championship. Sarajevo found the first goal by the young scorer Alen Melunovic in minute 11. However, the equalizer goal came at 66th minute by Admir Rascic.

The leader had an unsurprising 4-0 victory in Grbavica against Gradina Srebrenik who will not be in Premijer League next season.

The draw result with Sarajevo made Borac to lose the advantage against Olimpik Sarajevo with whom they are struggling for the third position to have the right to compete in UEFA Championship. Now they have the same point: 44.

However, a difficult match waits for Olimpik against Zeljo next week while Borac may lose points against Velez in Mostar as well.

If both will lose points, surely Çelik may gain some advantage and have a claim for the third place as well. They have defeated Zrinjski in away match this week and next week they will have an easy match against Radnik Bijeljina.

Since Gradina Srebrenik’s relegation is arithmetically proved, the second team who will relegate is the mention of interest. Currently GOŞK Gabela with 23 points is the one who is below the red line. Just above is NK Travnik with 24 points. GOŞK had an important one point in away match against Radnik Bijeljina and since Travnik had a home defeat against Velez Mostar the point difference between GOŞK and Travnik is reduced to “one”. Next week GOŞK will play against Şiroki Brijeg at home and it is not expected that Catholic fraternity will made the things worse for GOŞK where Şiroki Brijeg is focused more on Bosnian Cup. Travnik, on the other side must have points against Leotar who had a good start to season, but could not sustain.


The first leg of the Bosnian Cup final was played in April 30 in Grbavica. Şiroki Brijeg had an early goal at 5th but the railroaders found the equalizer goal at 19th. Since Zeljo could not manage to score any more goals, Şiroki Brijeg returned back to home with advantage before the second leg in Şiroki Brijeg at May 15th.

The results of the matches played in the Bosnian Premier League in the 25th week are as follow:

Borac Banja Luka: 1 – FK Sarajevo: 1
FK Slavija: 3 – Rudar Prijedor: 1
NK Travnik: 0 – Velez Mostar: 0
HŞK Zrinjski: 0 – Çelik Zenica: 2
Zeljeznicar: 4 – Gradina Srebrenik: 0
Radnik Bijeljina: 1 – GOŞK Gabela: 1
Şiroki Brijeg: 1 – Leotar Trebinje: 1
Zvijezda Gradacac: 0 – Olimpik Sarajevo: 1

Standings of the teams by the end of 25th week:
(Source: www.rezultati.com)

Next Week’s Schedule (Week 26)
Velez – Borac
Çelik – Radnik
GOŞK – Şiroki Brijeg
Gradina – Slavija
Leotar – Travnik
Prijedor – Zrinjski
Sarajevo – Zvijezda
Olimpik - Zeljo

Sloboda had a magnificent performance in the second half of the season and became a candidate of the leadership, however had a surprising home defeat against Rudar Kakanj and lost the claims to be leader by not using the advantage while the leader Vitez and runner-up Radniçki had a 2-2 draw. Currently Sloboda (with one match played less) is 7 points below Vitez and 4 points below Radniçki and will play against Vitez next week, which will determine if Sloboda will continue to struggle or not.

FK Novi Pazar continued the tradition this week as well. Pazar had a very important one point by not allowing the leader Partizan to score a single goal. However, there are still just 3 points difference between Novi Pazar and Radniçki 1923 who is just below the red line. Pazar has the same point with Donji Srem and just one point above Hajduk Kula and Borca.

Novi Pazar will have an away match against Sloboda Uzice this week. Borca will host Spartak Subotica who is not in danger of the red line, nor do they have a claim for upper ranks in the league. It is almost certain that Donji Srem will have three points from Smederovo. Hajduk Kula will play home match against Javor and if Javor will have a defeat, they will be closer to red line as well.

Standings of the teams in Serbian Prva Liga by the end of 25th week:
(Source: www. utakmica.rs)

(Photo: Oslobodjenje)

15 Nisan 2013 Pazartesi


The most publicly spoken match of the 22nd week opf the Premijer Liga was Sarajevo-Leotar which was played in Koşevo. The match was not spoken over the quality of the game, nor over the goals scored, but over a banner on the rows put on the fences during the match.

In the first half of the match, due to the banner put on the fences of the northern rows of stadium, the Banja Lukan referee Ognjen Valjiç stopped the match. “Armija RBiH” was written on the banner implying the anniversary of the Army of Republic of Bosnia and Hercegovina” and the banner was opened by Horde Zla (Horde of Evils, the fan club of Sarajevo). The match continued after the banner was taken aside.

However, the referee blackmailed the security forces on posponing the match unless they will take out the banner since it was hang on the fences again during the half-time break. After half an hour of bargaining between Sarajevo club officers and fan leaders the banner was taken out  and the second half of the match started.

Since both sides were not effective in scoring a goal, the result of the match was a 0-0 draw which caused a six points difference between runner-up Sarajevo and the leader Zeljo.

On the other side, railroaders had an easy 3-0 away victory against Radnik Bijeljina by goals from Hodziç, Çoliç and Adiloviç.

After a home defeat against Velez, it seems that GOŞK Gabela is closer to the end of a fairy tale which lasted for years. Travnik, the team which is closest to the redline have collected seven points more than GOŞK did and it seems quite difficult to close the gap. On the other side, by the three points they gathered, Velez had a breath by being further from the red-line.

The most spectacular match of the week was in Zenica. Duşko Stojiç, the experienced scorer of Çelik draw the destiny of the game by the goals he scored just at the second and ninth minutes of the match. Two more goals by Horiç and Popoviç from Çelik, and a single honorary goal from Saviç of the guest team Zvijezda determined the score of the match: 4-1. The result was a good motivator for Çelik just before the away match in Grbavica inferno.

The results of the matches played in the Bosnian Premier League in the 22nd week are as follow:
Olimpik Sarajevo:  2 – Şiroki Brijeg: 1
Çelik Zenica: 4 – Zvijezda Gradaçac: 1
Gradina Srebrenik: 0 – NK Travnik: 1
Rudar Prijedor: 1 – Borac Banja Luka: 1
Radnik Bijeljina: 0 – Zeljeznicar: 3
GOŞKGabela: 0  – Velez Mostar: 1
HŞK Zrinjski: 2 – FK Slavija: 1
FK Sarajevo: 0  – Leotar Trebinje: 0

Standings of the teams by the end of 22nd week:

(Source: www.rezultati.com)

Next Week’s Schedule (Week 23)
Travnik – Olimpik
Borac – Gradina
Zvijezda – Rudar
Leotar – Velez
Slavija – Radnik
Şiroki Brijeg – Sarajevo
Zeljo – Çelik
Zrinjski - GOŞK

Sloboda had a spectacular 5-0 home victory against Troglav. The better performance was done by FK Rudar Kakanj. Rudar had a 1-0 home victory against the leader Vitez and this result made the difference between Sloboda and Vitez to decrease to “five”. Miners from Kakanj will play against runner-up Radniçki and we expect them to display the same performance. Sloboda will have a hard game against Branitelj in Rodoç next week and probably Fukare will not let them to be alone in Herzegovina. Leader Vitez will probably have an easy away match against Jedinstvo Bihaç.

Pazar continues the habit of loosing matches, but having victories in difficult ones. They became closer to the relegation line because of the easy losses during the latest games, but managed to defeat strong Jagodina in 2-1 home match. The first half of the match was already 2-0 by Admir Kecap and Mladen Popoviç’s goals. The second half was remarked by unavoidable attacks by Jagodina. However, Novi Pazar managed to end the game by 2-1 victory.

Novi Pazar will play away match against OFK Beograd next week and it is not expected that they will return to Sandzak with a point. However, it has to be noted, two other candidates for relagation; Donji Srem and Radniçki 1923 will play against each other and another candidate Borça will host Red Star. Thus, a loss against OFK Beograd will not be that much tragic for Novi Pazar.

Standings of the teams in Serbian Prva Liga by the end of 23rd week:
(Source: www. utakmica.rs)

(Photo: Oslobodjenje)

11 Nisan 2013 Perşembe


Due to the heavy Schedule of the Bosnian national squad, the 21th week matches were played on April 10th, Wednesday.

In the first half of the season, Sarajevo was the victorous side with a single goal result in the derby match played in Koşevo Stadium. However, the maron-whites could not succed in preserving their place after a draw against Slavija in away match and another surprising away defeat against Radnik Bijeljina. Those losses were followed by a 3-2 away defeat against Çelik Zenica in the prologue match of the second half of 2012/13 season. On the other side, Zeljo was able to preserve the leadership despite an away defeat against Borac in Banja Luka and a home draw against Zrinjski this week.

Although any goals were scored in the match, the red cards signified the game. At 69th minute Zrinsjki’s defensive midfielder Hrvoje Miliçeviç was sent off, followed by Zeljo’s defensive midfielder Nermin Jamak’s sent off with the second yellow card. During the extra time, Velibor Vasiliç was sent off.

As mentioned above, although Sarajevo was victorious against the rival in the first half of the season, they felt behind the leader because of points lost. Sarajevo was ablo to gain only one point in yesterday’s match against Velez in Mostar.

Borac continued the persistent rise by a 2-0 home victory against Çelik by Stkiç’s goal at 43rd and Maletiç’s goal at 47th minutes and preserved her 3rd rank being 10 points behind leader Zeljeznicar and 6 points behind runner-up Sarajevo.

One of the two teams with 34 points sharing 4th and 5th places, Şiroki Brijeg was victorious against Gradina Srebrenik after a 2-0 home match, while Olimpik Sarajevo had an away 1-0 defeat against Leotar.

The results of the matches played in the Bosnian Premier League in the 21st week are as follow:
Zeljeznicar: 0 – HŞK Zrinjski: 0
Borac Banja Luka: 2 – Çelik Zenica: 0
Zvijezda Gradaçac: 1 – Radnik Bijeljina: 1
Leotar Trebinje: 1 – Olimpik Sarajevo: 0
FK Slavija: 2 – GOŞK Gabela: 0
Şiroki Birjeg: 2 – Gradina Srebrenik: 0
NK Travnik: 0 – Rudar Prijedor: 1
Velez Mostar: 0 - FK Sarajevo: 0

Standings of the teams by the end of 21st week:
(source: www.nfsbih.ba)

Next Week’s Schedule (Week 22)
Leotar – GOŞK
Şiroki Brijeg – Velez
Travnik – Sarajevo
Borac – Olimpik
Zvijezda – Gradina
Slavija – Çelik
Zeljo – Rudar
Zrinjski - Radnik


After a shocking relegation, Sloboda is slowly relieving from the trauma. Backed by a full support of Fukare, the fan group, Sloboda Tuzla begin to force higher ranks in the BHF League. Last week Sloboda have risen to runner-up place after a 4-0 home victory against Podrmeç, but had a 3-0 away smackdown against Çapljina and fell down to 3rd place. It has to be noted that Bratsvo having one point less than Sloboda’s, at the 4th place has a missing match.

Red-blacks, eight points behind the leader Vitez, and two points behind the runner-up Radniçki will play against Troglav next week. It is not expected that Vitez who will play against Rudar Kakanj at home and Radniçki who will play against Branitelj at home as well will loose points.


Novi Pazar had a striking start to the season but was unable to preserve her place and fell down to mid-ranks in the first half. The points lost in the second half made Pazarci to be closer to the relegation zone. Novi Pazar had an away 3-0 defeat against Donji Srem last week, another candidate of relegation zone. Moreover, another loss of Pazar was two red cards shown to two defender players; Rados Bulatoviç at 36th and Ljuba Nenadiç at 72nd.

Next week Novi Pazar will play an home match against Jagodina ranking at 4th place in Jelen Super Liga and have to win at least one point. Otherwise, they can be closer to relegation while the point difference from the red-line is only 2!

Standings of the teams in Serbian Prva Liga by the end of 22nd week:
(Source: www.utakmica.rs)

(Photo: Dnevni Avaz)

22 Kasım 2012 Perşembe


Sarajevo, who lost points against Slavija last week, had a home victory against Zrinjski with a single goal scored by Amer Dupovac at 30th minute. Zeljo had a clear 2-0 away victory against Leotar Trebinje, who usually recognized as a hard team to beat in Trebinje.

The most spectacular result of the week came from Mostar. Velez had a very good start to the season, but later on they could not avoid losing points. They managed to preserve 0-0 draw against Slavija at the first half of the home match. However, 3 goals scored by Slavija made them to be closer to the danger zone.

Struggle between Slavija offence and Velez defense
After next week’s matches, there will be a 3 months long season break since the winter is a bit harsh in Bosnia and the second half of the season will start by March.

The results of the matches played in the Bosnian Premier League in the 12th week are as follow:
FK Sarajevo: 1 - HŞK Zrinjski: 0
Leotar Trebinje: 0 - Zeljeznicar: 2
Şiroki Brijeg: 1 - Zvijezda Gradaçac: 0
Olimpik Sarajevo: 1 - Radnik Bijeljina: 0
Velez Mostar: 0 - FK Slavija: 3
NK Travnik: 1 - Borac Banja Luka: 1
Gradina Srebrenik: 0 - Çelik Zenica: 1
GOŞK Gabela: 1 - Rudar Prijedor: 1

Standings of the teams by the end of 14th week:
(Source: www.rezultati.com)

Next week’s schedule:
Borac – GOŞK
Çelik – Olimpik
Zvijezda – Travnik
Rudar – Gradina
Radnik – Sarajevo
Zeljo – Şiroki Brijeg
Zrinjski – Velez
Slavija - Leotar


With an easy 2-0 away victory against FK Banoviçi Buduçnost, Sloboda preserved its position as 5th on the table by the end of the last week of the first half of the season. The match was mentioned by the clash between fans and policemen than the game on the field.

Standings of the teams by the end of 15th week in First League of FBH:
(Source: www.sportsport.ba)


Novi Pazar had an early goal by Enver Alivodiç at 11th minute against Javor. However they could not preserve their supremacy at the match and guest team made it 2-1 by the goals at 26th and 45th. In the second half at 60th minute Novi Pazar equalized the score but could not manage to score one more to get the three points and continued the serie of loosing points. It is expected that this serie will continue next week as Novi Pazar will play a difficult away match against Rad.

Standings of the teams by the end of 13th week in Serbian Super Liga:
(Source: www. utakmica.rs)

(Photo: sportsport.ba)

15 Kasım 2012 Perşembe


With 5 red cards in 8 matches, it can be said as a tough week for the players in the Premijer Liga. 13th week was dominated by three 0-0 draws as well.

Sarajevo, who had a very important victory against his rival last week, had an away draw with Slavija, which was just to relegate from the Premijer League last season and caused the difference between Zeljo and Sarajevo to drop to one point. On the other side Zeljo had a modest 1-0 home victory against Velez but gained a 3 golden points and became closer to the leader who had beaten the railroaders last weekend.

Surprise from Olimpik!

The most surprising score of the week came from Mostar. Olimpik had a 4-1 away victory against Zrinjski. The first half of the match was without a goal, but Olimpik managed to score at 61st minute by Semir Kapiç. Olimpik scored the second goal from a penalty at 71st minute. Not only the goal, but also Zrinjski’s defender Ante Radeljic’s absence by a red card causing the penalty kick comforted Olimpik for the rest of the match. Olimpik is recognized as a team with mentality which aims to avoid rival offense first, and then may think of goal, and is a team which is famous of having “modest” scores. However, benefiting from the fact that the rival was playing with 10 players, tried more on offense and scored 2 more goals and increased to 4th position in the league table. There is only goal difference with the third Şiroki Brijeg who has the same points.

It seems one of the two teams which will relegate at the end of the season is more or less clear: Gradina Srebrenik, the fresh team of the Premijer League will probably turn back to First League of FBiH after a season in Premijer Liga. The struggle to not to be the second team will probably be quite harsh.

The results of the matches played in the Bosnian Premier League in the 12th week are as follow:
Zeljeznicar: 1 – Velez Mostar: 0
HŞK Zrinjski: 1 - Olimpik Sarajevo: 4
FK Slavija: 0 - FK Sarajevo: 0
Borac Banja Luka: 0 - Şiroki Brijeg: 0
Çelik Zenica: 2 - Rudar Prijedor: 1
Zvijezda Gradaçac: 0 - Leotar Trebinje: 1
Radnik Bijeljina: 1 - Gradina Srebrenik: 0
NK Travnik: 0 - GOŞK Gabela: 0

Standings of the teams by the end of 13th week:
(Source: www.rezultati.com)

Next week’s schedule:
Gradina – Çelik
Leotar – Zeljo
Olimpik – Radnik
Şiroki Brijeg – Zvijezda
Travnik – Borac
Velez – Slavija
GOŞK - Rudar


After an easy victory against NK Krajişnik Velika Kladuşa, who is at the bottom of the table, Sloboda is again at the 5th position. Next week’s away match against FK Buduçnost Banoviçi will probably not be a difficult match in sense that it can really not be regarded as away match, since Banoviçi is just 35 kilometres away from Tuzla and Buduçnost is 12th in the league table.

Standings of the teams by the end of 14th week in First League of FBH:
(Source: www.sportsport.ba)


Novi Pazar was defeated by strong rival Vojvodina in away match with the single goal scored at 4th minute and succeeded to avoid an expected defeat with some goals. With this result, Novi Pazar dropped to 10th rank in the league and a possible home victory against Javor may allow Pazar to jump a few steps higher again.

Standings of the teams by the end of 12th week in Serbian Super Liga:
(Source: www.utakmica.rs)

(Photo: sportsport.ba)

7 Kasım 2012 Çarşamba


(Click here for the original Turkish text in Haber Boşnak, published November 7, 2012.)

(7 Kasım 2012 tarihinde Haber Boşnak'ta yayınlanan özgün metin için buraya tıklayınız)

Victorious Sarajevo in the 100th derby

(From Oslobodjenje)
The maroon-whites were the happy side after the 100th derby of the capital city played last weekend. With this result, Sarajevo the host of the match continued to be the leader of Premijer League after a “modest” victory of “six points” with a single goal since they were leader but only with the help of goal difference, just before the match played in Koşevo.

During the season, for a while Sarajevo was the leader 5 points beyond the runner-up Zeljo. However, because of the unexpected easy point losses in recent weeks, Zeljo caught Sarajevo and the victory in the derby match not only helped them to continue the leadership, but also to defeat the demoralization.

Another issue which increased the importance of the match was that it was the 100th official match between Sarajevo and Zeljeznicar.

Both of the team played wary, opposite to the flair of the football fans. Samir Nuhanoviç, who was transferred from Zvijezda Gradaçac, scored the single goal of the match at 66th.

For the video of the goal:

With the 100th derby, an interesting statistics occurred. Both of the teams have 30 victories each, and 40 matches ended with a draw.

For the eight minute summary of the match, see:

Another “Five“ from Şiroki Brijeg

Şiroki Brijeg, who had a 5-0 home victory against GOŞK last week, prepared the same meal for Travnik this week as well. Şiroki Brijeg, who scored 10 goals in the last two weeks is the second most-scorer team in Premijer League after Sarajevo.

The results of the matches played in the Bosnian Premier League in the 12th week are as follow:

FK Sarajevo: 1 – Zeljeznicar: 0
Gradina Srebrenik: 1 - HŞK Zrinjski: 2
Şiroki Brijeg: 5 _ NK Travnik: 0
Olimpik Sarajevo: 1 – FK Slavija: 0
Leotar Trebinje: 2 - Borac Banja Luka: 0
Rudar Prijedor: 2 – Radnik Bijeljina: 0
GOŞK Gabela: 0 – Çelik Zenica: 0
Velez Mostar: 2 – Zvijezda Gradaçac: 1

Standings of the teams by the end of 12th week:
(From www.rezultati.com)
(Source: www.rezultati.com)

Next week’s schedule:
Borac – Şiroki Brijeg
Zvijezda – Leotar
Radnik – Gradina
Slavija – Sarajevo
Travnik – GOŞK
Zeljeznicar – Velez
Zrinjski – Olimpik
Çelik - Rudar


Sloboda, who had a home 4-0 victory against Iskra last week and rose to 5th place in the table, dropped to 8th after a 2-0 away defeat against weak FK Krajina Cazin.

Next week, it is expected that Sloboda will surely have an easy victory against NK Krajişnik Velika Klauduşa, who could not get one single point after 13 weeks in the First League of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Standings of the teams by the end of 13th week in First League of FBH:
(From www.sportsport.ba)


Novi Pazar missed another opportunity  against Sloboda Uzice. In the home match the first goal was scored by midfielder Dario Damjanoviç, but just after one minute Sloboda scored the draw goal. In 65th minute, Novi Pazar could not avoid second goal of the guest team. Thanks to Miloş Bogunoviç’s goal at 85th minute, Novi Pazar rescued the single point from the match. Novi Pazar lost two matches in the last two away matches and could only have a draw in the last two home matches and next week they will play against strong Vojvodina Novi Sad and a defeat will not be surprising.

Standings of the teams by the end of 10th week in Serbian Super Liga:
(from www.utakmica.rs)

28 Ekim 2012 Pazar


The second leg matches of the Bosnian Cup, where the teams ahead to quarter finals were determined were played by October 24, 2012 where the first leg matches were played on October 3, 2012.

Sarajevo had a 2-1 home victory by two goals of Emir Hadziç, which was not enough for the revenge of the 3-1 first match result. İgor Aniçiç, who was star of the previous match with hat-trick, had scored the only crucial goal of his team when the score was 1-0 for Sarajevo.
(Photo: Sarajevo captain Sedin Torlak struggling in the match against Zrinjski on Wednesday night, Oslobodjenje)

Zeljo had an easy 3-0 home victory against Slavija, with two goals from Vernes Selimoviç and an own goal by Slavija’s young defender right Jovan Svitlica. The first leg was 3-1 away victory for railroaders.

Şiroki Brijeg, who had a spectacular 6-0 away victory against Hajduk Orasje, had disappointed the fans with a modest 1-0 victory, which had an expectation of watching half dozen of goals.

Olimpik Sarajevo, who had a shameful 0-0 home draw against First League of BiH team Çapljina, could pass the stage only after penalty shoots.

The results of the second leg matches of the second round of Bosnian Cup are as follow:
(The scores in parenthesis are the first leg scores and the bold written teams are those who qualified to quarter finals)

Velez Mostar: 0 - ZVİJEZDA GRADAÇAC: 3 (2-1)
FK Sarajevo: 2 HŞK ZRİNJSKİ: 1 (1-3)
ŞİROKİ BRİJEG: 1 - Hajduk Oraşje: 0 (6-0)
Radnik Bijeljina: 0 - GOŞK GABELA: 0 – (0-1)
SLOGA DOBOJ: 2 - Sutjeska Foça: 1(1-1)
Rijeka Vitez: 0 - ÇELİK ZENİCA: 1 (0–2)
ZELJEZNİCAR: 3 - FK Slavija: 0 – (3-1)
Çapljina: 0 - OLİMPİK SARAJEVO: 2 (0-0)