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4 Nisan 2012 Çarşamba


(Click here for the original Turkish text in Haber Boşnak, published April 4, 2012.)
(4 Nisan 2012 tarihinde Haber Boşnak'ta yayınlanan özgün metin için buraya tıklayınız)
Just three weeks ago Siroki Brijeg was the leader of the Bosnian Premier League and Zeljo was runner up with Sarajevo as the third in the rank. After three weeks of Zeljo’s successes and rials surprising losses, it was expected that Zeljo would finally loose some points against Zrinjski in the away match in Mostar. Zeljo’s trainer Amar Osim did not wish to jeopardize himself. He applied a wary tactics aiming for a draw. Zrinjski, who had been loosing points for weeks was consent with Osim’s “peaceful” tactics. No one ever would blame a trainer for a draw against a team who is leader and who is not loosing for weeks! Having support of 2000 fans at the back, Zrinjski tried to force his chance from time to time in the second half of the game, but could not defeat Zeljo’s national goalkeeper Adnan Guşo, who was selected as the man of the match.

On the other side, Şiroki Brijeg had an easy home victory against Sloboda Tuzla by two goals scored by the Brazilian star Ricardo Bajano at fifth and thirtyfirst minutes of the match.

FK Sarajevo, having lost deadly important matches in previous weeks and now struggling to play in European cups had played against weak Slavija in front of just only 2000 fans. In the first quarter of the match, Sarajevo incredibly missed a lot of goal chances. Murphy’s laws were valid: Slavija scored a goal and the first half of the match finished as 0-1 for Slavija. Slavija’s Lackanovic’s own goal woke up players of Sarajevo as well in the beginning of the second half of the match, and Huskiç’s goal opened the path for the modest victory of Sarajevo. The 2-1 victory could be with a marvelous result if Slavija’s goalkeeper Dujkovic was not that much successful.

Another team, who could cghange the destiny of the home game was FK Travnik. Just at the beginning of the game, in fifth minute Zvijezda scored a goal by Haliloviç. But Travnik was quick to change the destiny of the game by the goal of Ribiç at minute 40, and Varupa at minute 43. No goals in the second half, the match finished with the score 2-1 for a home team victory. However, in the last quarter of the match Zvijezda had really effective attacks on Travnik which could only be stopped by harsh faults by Travnik players caused Varupa at min. 85 and Oruç at min. 90 to be thrown out of the game after second yellow cards. Borac, ranking fourth position in the Bosnian Premier League, had a clear victory against Rudar Prijedor in away match: 3-1. Two of Borac’s goals were scored by Kajkut (See photo taken from Bosnian daily Oslobodjenje) Kajkut was selected as the man of the match not only with his goals, but also with his overall performance.

The results of the matches played in the Bosnian Premier League in 19th week is as follow:

Saturday matches:

Olimpik Sarajevo: 1 – Čelik Zenica: 0
Rudar Prijedor: 1- Borac Banja Luka: 3
Široki Brijeg: 2 - Sloboda Tuzla: 0
Leotar Trebinje: 0 – GOŠK Gabela: 0
FK Kozara: 0 - Velež Mostar: 0

Sunday matches:

NK Travnik: 2 - Zvijezda Gradaçac: 1
FK Sarajevo: 2 – FK Slavija: 1
Zrinjski Mostar: 0 - Željezničar: 0

Standings of the teams by 19th week:

(Source: www.nfsbih.ba)

Top scorers:
Adiloviç (Zeljo): 13 goals
Obuça, Haskiç (Sarajevo), Wagner (Şiroki Birjeg), Marjanoviç (Zrinjski), Zeba (Zeljo): 6 goals

Next week’s fixture:
Çelik Zenica – FK Sarajevo
FK Slavija – FK Kozara
Velez Mostar – Leotar Trebinje
GOŞK Gabela – Şiroki Brijeg
Sloboda Tuzla – Rudar Prijedor
Borac Banja Luka – NK Travnik
Zvijezda Gradaçac – Zrinjski Mostar
Zeljeznicar – Olimpik Sarajevo


Novi Pazar, who finally was above the red line last week, dropped below again after a defeat 2-0 against Smedorovo in away match. In the mean time Javor had 3-1 home victory against Sloboda Tuzla, and Borac had similar 3-1 home victory against Radniçka 1923.

On the other side the bottom of the Jelen Super Liga had warmed a bit more by this weekend. Metalac, at the very bottom of the league, who was seen as the first team to drop down into lower league had an away draw against Borça which caused Borça to be in the basket of the candidates of teams to be dropped down to lower league. Hajduk, who has been loosing points in the previous weeks became another new member of that club. If we consider Metalac as the first team to drop down, there are five candidates as the second team. Novi Pazar having the least points is just only four points lower than Borça who has the highest points in that group.

Those teams will play those matches this week:
Novi Pazar – BSK Borça
Metalac – Borac
OFK Belgrad – Javor
Hajduk – Rad

As can be observed from the previous weeks, when Novi Pazar plays at home, Javor and Borac plays away, or vice versa. So, one week the angels are with Novi Pazar, while bad luck follow the next week. Next weeken can be a turnover time again. Of course, above all, Novi Pazar should have a victory.

This weeks match against Borça for Novi Pazar may not change a lot of things fort his week, but in long term it is very important, while three points will help Novi Pazar to jump over some ranks while a defeat of Borça will maket hem to be deeper at the bottom of the league.

Another critical match for Novi Pazar is Metalac – Borac. Metalac, who had an away draw against Borça may gain fresh hopes when there are just 8 weeks left to the end. Fort hat reason, they have to defeat Borac at home game. On the other side, Javor is playing against OFK Beograd away, and surely they will loose. We do not give chance for Hajduk to loose points against Rad, who neither has a chance to play in Euro cups, nor have a fear to be dropped down and just counting the days and Hajduk is likely to have ambition to win after weeks of losses.

(source: www.utakmica.rs)

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